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Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by John Tiffany

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

English is not my native language. Sorry for any grammar error.

I knew that this was the script of a play but to be honest it didn’t even contained all the information needed to be considered a script, in my opinion. Maybe that’s the reason why my rating is so low.

I liked the story but hated the inconsistencies that are in this book (view spoiler) and it seemed as if the writer hadn’t done the correct research.

I know it’s not written by Rowling but even then if it had had the descriptions and made me feel inside the book as the other seven books did I would have liked more this book. But only reading some actions and dialogues was, honestly, tyring and I was reading faster and faster just to finish the book. Therefore it didn’t bring me anything.

There are some things that I definitely hated.

Spoiler alert.

(view spoiler)

-Harry being incapable to raise his third child but he didn’t have any trouble with the other two?? I would have believed it if this had happened with James.

-Ron’s portrayal. Or better said: The lack of Ron’s portrayal.

-Hermione as Ministry of Magic. No, I couldn’t believe that, honestly.

-Diggory. Seriously? We clearly see in the books that they don’t blame Harry at all and even if he was being controlled (and I assume as much because it’s not clearly explained in the book) I just hated his character in this book. Honestly. Hated it.

-Rose and her attitude against Scorpius. I believe that her parents are smarth enough to not cause this kind of hatred on their children, even if they don’t get along. Ron says something to Rose about not getting friendly with him in the seventh book but it’s clearly something not so heartfelt. And in here it seemed as if they were the Dursleys all over again.

-NO ONE CARING FOR THEM. Come on, do you want me to believe that none of his cousins, brothers and friends would care for Albus and Scorpius? Maybe not for Scorpius, but Albus? Come on! THAT I couldn’t stand.

-Harry’s attitude near the end. He’s not like that, period.

(hide spoiler)]

And other stuff that at this moment I don’t want to remember.

Anyway, I liked the story, but I love that it’s not canon. I can’t be more neutral about this, honestly. I’ll prefer to read fanfiction (view spoiler) over and over again than re-read this book anytime soon.

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